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Proven Email Marketing Winners That Will Make A Difference

by Gail Richardson on May 14, 2011

Internet marketers use many methods to communicate with their audience, but email marketing remains the most popular and effective. The reason why email is the favored method of building an online business is that it’s simple, direct and inexpensive. Let’s look at a few proven email marketing tips that will enable you to get more click-throughs and sales. If you want to use Email marketing to its full effect make sure that you use it to promote new product launches such as Wealthy Affiliate.

1) You have to figure out how to avoid spam filters if you want to get good results from your email marketing efforts. Even the most ethical email marketers can have their emails dumped into people’s bulk mail folders due to the highly sensitive nature of modern spam filters. If you want to avoid having your emails blocked, ask people who opt-in to your list to \”whitelist\” your email address, which will allow your emails to reach their inbox. Your \”thank you\” page should contain a request for your new subscribers to whitelist your email address to make sure your future emails get through. In the subject line and body of your emails, you should also avoid words that are likely to trigger spam filters, which include \”money,\” \”free,\” \”discount\” and so forth. Do this to make sure people actually see your emails and they aren’t blocked.

As you learn more about email marketing, you will find out that how well your emails and offers convert depends on many different things. The most common approach, for years, is to give away for free something that you believe people will want to have in exchange for their contact information. What you offer them all depends on your market and what they value, so you will need to do some research on that one. There are new products being launched all the time such as Wealthy Affiliate that will benefit from Email marketing.

3) Remember to personalize every email you send! Many email marketers neglect to do this, but it makes a real difference. Your emails become indistinguishable from hundreds of others if you don’t personalize them with at least the person’s first name. When you personalize emails, you help to make your message more noticeable, and this increases the chances that it will actually be read. You don’t have to overdo it, just let them know you’re aware of who they are.

All in all, from the above article it gets clear that in order to be successful with email marketing, you should be ready to apply such small tips on a regular basis. Even though they may not seem to be a lot, you can actually see the difference in the long run. After all, the lifetime value of your customers online can only be truly brought out with the help of email marketing, so don’t hesitate to integrate it into your business.

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