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Several Great Tips On Virtual Assistant Transcription And Translation Services

by Gail Richardson on May 3, 2011

Audio and video media are rapidly becoming commonplace in online business environments everywhere, simply because it’s much easier to record information this way for later use. Once this information has been recorded thus, a number of these businesses will need to employ a few highly skilled virtual assistants to convert the information into print.

Medical professionals are used to using Dictaphone and other dictating services and this method has been in place for some time now. Often times, doctors later have their notes transcribed for patient and hospital records. The same goes for legal proceedings as well. It is a whole lot more convenient using a recording device and then taking time later to construct a written copy.

Online businesses are turning in increasing number to the use of audio and video to market their products. Tutorials, how-to-guides and interviews are uploaded to websites for viewing and listening. But, for whatever reason, we all know that sometimes you just can’t always understand what is being said. In these cases, the transcribed records of the recording could be very valuable for those interested.

Just like movies, audio and video can be translated into other languages to increase the results from overall marketing efforts. This could be of great interest to business owners, but because they do not know how to do this or are simply strapped for time, they often do not take the time to translate or transcribe. These individuals need the help of a professional, someone like a virtual assistance provider who is well versed in the art of transcription and translation.

It is not as easy as you might think to transcribe recordings. You can save your clients a lot of time-consuming work as a virtual assistant transcriptionist. You will have prescription software available to you, enabling you to deal with all kinds of recordings that your clients come up with and you can select from a variety of formats for the final copy.

Some of these services can include:

• Medical Transcription
• Legal Transcription
• Transcription for video
• Transcription for podcasts
• Transcription translation
• Audio transcription of business meetings

Clients have the option of emailing their work to you as audio or video files according to what file extensions you accept. They may even want to mail by post CDs or tapes for non-rush jobs. Depending on their particular needs, you can provide verbatim transcription or cleaned-up transcription that is grammatically correct.

For the virtual assistant transcriptionist who is also fluent in another language – or languages, you can offer translation services to your clients as well. The clients themselves will have additional opportunities to expand their own customer base by producing material for non-English speaking customers. Each area of transcription can become a sub-niche if you want to specialise further. If you just specialise in the legal or medical areas alone, you can turn transcription into a lucrative business if you focus on your areas of expertise.

Transcription services can definitely prove lucrative for a virtual assistant, although on average this may take a long time to set up and consequently it may take time to set up your client base. As more and more online businesses pursue website development and use other media as marketing tools, they will need the skill of a transcriptionist and even a translator for their work.

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