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3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Utilize SEO

by Gail Richardson on April 29, 2011

One of the hardest things about being a business owner lies in knowing and understanding all of the new methods of promotion that are coming down the pipe. For example, whilst listing a business in the Yellow Pages may still be somewhat effective, the real key of business promotion is in knowing where abbots your potential clients eyes are looking. At the end of the day, everyone is moving to the internet to find what it is that they are after, and it is in this very sense that the art of SEO is starting to grow into a very large part of business promotion.

So, why the shift to the online realm for promotion? To be as blunt as I can possibly be, there are too many reasons to list that could convince you that you need a better online presence, so I will talk about the three most powerful reasons with you today.

The Internet Is Highly Accessible

With so many new handheld devices that allow internet access on the go, plus office and home access as well, this means that people can access information no matter where they are. Instead of picking up the Yellow Pages, people are more prone to pick up their iPhone or Android to search for their nearest business. It is in this sense that the Internet is starting to clearly dominate well ahead of any other medium.

Google Local Is Localizing The Internet

For a very long time now, the internet has been about global results. With the introduction of Google Local, this means that you can promote your business to a much more highly targeted audience. The way that Google delivers their local results in highly base on your IP address, whilst not 100% accurate, it means that you will be marketing, for example, your car workshop in your suburb to people within that radius.

Here is how simple it is. The internet is changing every single day, and with it, people are using it to find results that are close to where they are. At the end of the day, we need to consider what it is that Google is striving to achieve. They are refining their process of delivering high quality and relevant results to their users. As can be understood, this is a method of delivering your local business to those in your area who are seeking it.

Cost Effective Marketing Is The Internet

When compared to the other prehistoric methods of promotion, promoting your business online is extremely cost effective, and has many benefits. For example, by dominating in the search engines, you can not only be much more discoverable by searchers, but you can also be identified as an expert within your niche through various other methods of promotion. This is something that has never existed through previous methods, unless you were lucky enough to get media attention. In the case of the internet, you can simply build your business, your persona, and simply watch the visitors flow in. Unlike various other methods of promotion, online promotion is not only very cost effective, it s also extremely highly targeted. Online, you optimise a page to be found based on a particular keyword, which means that when someone finds your page, they are already qualified. This is  whole lot better than placing an add in the newspaper or on TV. This kind of targeted advertisement and promotion is otherwise almost unattainable for most small business and online business owners, hence why the Internet poses one huge opportunity at the moment.

So, let me ask you this? If you have an offline business, are you using the power of the internet to market your business? If not, then remind yourself of the power of marketing your business where your customers are now searching. Of course, it is not as simple as it sounds, with various variations and methods out there to follow (eg, read The SEO Method Review), however, there is simply no denying that the power of online promotion is hands down one of the most effective business tools currently available.


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