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A Short Guide To Choosing An SEO Company

by Gail Richardson on April 29, 2011

Regardless of whether you are a small business owner, a freelancer, or an established company, you want your website to achieve the highest ranking on a search engine’s results pages as possible. Search engine optimization (SEO) companies can greatly help you in this regard, but those that don’t have the most scrupulous business practices can do a good deal of harm to your site as well; therefore, here are some questions to ask SEO companies before deciding who to hire.

It is of course the SEO company that is performing the work, but you are paying their fee, so you have ever y right to ask for the specifics behind what they plan on doing to your site. Those who are reticent to give up the details may not be on the up and up, so you might want to take your money elsewhere. In fact, if they engage in ploys such as doorways and throwaways, your site is penalized by search engines such as Google. They may even go straight past penalizing your site and placing it further down on the results and right to removing your site from the index totally.

An SEO company is a business, so ask them how long they have been performing their job. This will not only give you an idea of their level of experience, but companies that have been in business longer likely still experience a steadier stream of clients. An SEO company that takes part in shady tactics probably won’t maintain a positive reputation and will fold before long. Just as a plumber or mechanic who has been in business for long periods of time must be making money to keep the doors open, so must an online company.

If an SEO company truly stands behind their services, they will gladly provide past examples of their work if you ask. Those that know what they’re doing should take pride in displaying the pages’ rankings that they have helped. If they claim they cannot for some reason, they may not be as reputable as you would like. Plus, you can get in contact with the company or business for which the SEO company did the work and ask them if they are satisfied with the results. Basically, ask for concrete products, because anyone and their brother can bloviate about their work if they have nothing to prove themselves correct.

Though there are some bad apples that try to ruin it for everyone, there are plenty of quality SEO companies that are eager to help you with your site. Just ask a few simple, honest questions of a potential hire and you can sift through the chaff to get to the wheat. Don’t be afraid to make inquiries when deciding what SEO company to hire.

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