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3 Facebook Promoting Ideas You Should Always Use

by Gail Richardson on April 13, 2011

Internet marketing has really grown during the last few years. While Google really helped to push the advertising area over the internet, the newest entry is Facebook. Advertisers are finding out that Facebook is very effective for targeting certain niche markets and groups of people. In this post we will discuss 3 powerful Facebook advertising tips that you can use in your campaigns. 

One of the most effective tips when you’re advertising on Facebook is to send the traffic to your Facebook fan page. First, fan pages are extremely important with Facebook marketing; so you will need one because you can then begin marketing your fanpage for highly targeted traffic. First of all, when you send the traffic directly to your website the click through rate and the conversion will be lower than when you send it to the fan page. This isn’t hard to figure out because with a fan page, people have a chance to connect with you; and then when they do see your marketing offers they are almost pre-sold to you. Marketing and building a fan page is like building an email list, and the more people (fans) you can get; then the more people you can contact and tell about an offer. Of course testing is the way to go in all marketing, so then you can simple test this out for your own benefit. What? No fan page on Facebook? That’s no problem because it doesn’t cost anything to create one, and it’s easy to do. But you do need to understand that it’s not as easy as just having a page and get fans to join you. You don’t have to be super-fancy about this, but there must be something on your fan page that makes people have a sense of belonging, or involvement. Just think in terms of relationship marketing, and that is how you deal with your fan page and your fans. 

An effective Facebook advertising tip would be to use CPM to test out your ads instead of CPC. You have to recognize the fact that CPC or cost per click is not that valuable when it comes to testing because a majority of the testing is on the landing page. It does not allow you to benefit from testing. But you can make your tests better by adding CPM or cost per thousand impressions and looking for those particular ads that only need low clicks. Here you may obtain lower CPCs in relation to the CPC bidding model where you test and bid for clicks. But when you use a CPM model, it will allow you to see those ads that can give a good performance and decrease the general price of your compaign. By utilizing CPM you will have the capability to tell what CPC rate you should be going for so that you can discover the ads with good results. 

Don’t forget to take advantage of keywords in order to get the most from your campaign. If you’re just going to stick to demographic targeting, then you’re aiming too broad. It is only productive when your product is wanted by many people or when you cannot use targeted keywords because the market is too big. But if that’s not the case, then you should target the keywords because when your ads are relevant they tend to get a higher click through rate, which obviously leads to higher conversion. Search engines like Google have their own methods for testing relevance and giving your website a quality score. Although Facebook does not have this type of system, it does have the same type of principles. It is common sense; relevance will product stronger results. 

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