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How Necessary is a Website landing page?

by Gail Richardson on April 7, 2011

A landing page could make or perhaps destroy your success based on how you create it.  As a web marketer, you have almost certainly spent a significant length of time, effort, and money towards making a great internet site to market your own service or product.  Well, when building your squeeze pages it is very important to produce those with very much thought and care.  Time is money in the commercial community so you certainly wouldn’t want to throw away your precious time simply to shift site visitors away from you.  Discover how to make money online efficiently through understanding the significance of your landing page with the following advice.

1.  The squeeze page is going to establish your own credibility to some extent.  Whenever your readers are clicking on your hyperlink to your website landing page you need to be sure you are delivering whatever you asserted you would.  When they are clicking on the hyperlink to sign up for your newsletter then simply make sure that website link will take these folks directly to an easy sign up for the newsletter.  If they access your landing page and are unsure what to do you will likely drive these folks away.

2.  Make certain your links for your website landing page are easy to find.  People do not enjoy spending lots of time with anything at all nowadays thus appeal to your buyer’s time and make it effortless for them to select links to head to squeeze pages.

3.  Think outside the box with the words and phrases in the hyperlinks that you provide for your website landing page.  Many people have     had negative experiences using the “click here” approach.  Way too frequently people have encountered the “click here” to mean “SPAM”.  When they’re exploring links on your site you want to always be absolutely certain you do not lead these people to think you are a spammer.  People don’t like that and sense that a website with spam is a waste of his or her time.  Once again, time is treasured therefore value this not necessarily just on your part but with respect to your own buyer.  Utilize words together with your links which are likely to provide what they guarantee when approaching your landing pages.

So, exactly how important are squeeze pages?  The solution is VERY!  Follow these tips to appreciate how essential successful landing pages can end up being to your success.  Check out the Mike Filsaime review and the Russell Brunson review to find out how they have applied strategies similar to this.

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