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3 Tips to Find Your Target Audience

by Gail Richardson on March 25, 2011

The most valuable information you can have no matter what you’re doing on the net with business is knowing how to research your target market. Business can be unforgiving; so failing to know who your market is or how to communicate with them is paramount to success. What we have for you are three proven methods you can use to find your target audience.

Learn to decrease your search within a large market so you can more easily identify who you want. It is just a fact of marketing life that the people you are really looking for are nested between and within other larger markets. Never think that this will not help you because as you study the larger market, your intuitive understanding of the smaller markets will expand a great deal. Your perspective and awareness of the much larger picture will enable you to identify the people you are looking for. Be careful about what you go after because it really needs to be based on how competitive you want to be with your marketing efforts. Unless you are highly experienced, you do not want to pursue a market that is too close to the root name which is usually a two word phrase. Besides that, your products will be tailor made for the specific market, which means you’ll see a high number of sales, more popularity and stronger brand building.

If your existing market is large enough, then just concentrate on marketing to them and no other markets. You can find your market all over the net, but they will be found in certain places like forums and social networks. So many people do not take the time to perform good market research, and that is puzzling because it is not hard to do. Part of the definition of target audience is the group of people who have the problem your product solves. All the accumulated research you do will pay off in the end, and that will make it all worth the time.

Be sure to ask yourself questions that will help you become clearer about your target market. You are a consumer, so you can easily think of common questions anyone may have about particular products within a niche. What problems are you facing, and what would you do to make it easier? This is exactly the process you want to use in order to learn all you can about a market. You then take all your questions and musings and then set out to find some answers.

In summary, from the above article we can clearly understand the finding your target audience is not just about researching here and there. All you need to do is maintain focus and be dedicated in your quest to finding the best people to include in your target audience. If you’re just starting out, it will take a while before you actually know what kind of audience you’re targeting, but as time goes by, you will get a clearer idea.

Last of all, it will be usually a very good practice to look at your current analytics information and discover where readers are generally coming from. Once you recognize where your guests are coming from, you can use a  keyword and key phrase research tool or the Google Analytics Keyword Tool to locate additional keywords similar to the keywords which are presently providing your active traffic and customers.

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