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Affiliate Marketing

by Gail Richardson on September 19, 2009

Well it’s  Saturday Sept. 19 and I just finished my 4th lesson of “Affililiatenaire” from Jimmy D Brown and I can’t believe how good this course is getting. For the first time I really feel like I am moving forward. I can’t believe it. Two things have happened to me this year that have changed my destiny and they are:   First: I went to Willie Crawfords Birthday Bash in Orlando back in the Spring.  I really enjoyed all the speakers but one  has changed my life forever. Or the way I look at things. I did not have any idea what questions to ask anyone , I knew what I wanted to do but had no idea the path I needed to be on  to get there.  I didn’t even know what I didn’t know.  That’ bad. I went to Orlando because of another Internet Marketer  I was following.  That didn’t amount to much but with that said this is what did. I was listening to a speaker by the name of Lynn Terry and she made a statement about something that really made me take notice. I was backwards and didn’t want to bother her but had to know more about what she said. I finally caught her in the lobby taking a break. I hated to bother her but I just had to. Lynn was so nice and so helpful that  I ask her a question and she answered. She talked to me. That in itself  was not my life changing moment but what she did next was. She picked up a piece of paper and wrote to things on it and handed it back to me . One was this blog ( .) This is where you will find Lynn Terry and her Elite Mastermind Group. I have never known of a group of people to  be so willing to help other people succed. Lynn has developed a unique group of people who are dedicated to helping each other. This membership to this Elite group of people had been closed for some time but has recently reopened. If you have ever wanted to associate yourself with a group of  people  who have made it and want to help you make it. Then this is it. Lynn Terry is number ONE  in my book. I still have that piece of paper with Lynn’s website address and her blog address on it. To have met Lynn Terry was my like changing moment.  Lynn Terry changes lives and probably doesn’t even realize how many. Join the       Elite Mastermind Group before the doors close again. This is my story and I know i will make it.

2nd; “Affiliatenaire” I am taking this course and I hope you follow me  for the next 11 months and lets see how far I can go this year. I will keep you updated

Gail J Richardson

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