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Email Deliverability Tips for Effective Email Marketing

by Gail Richardson on February 27, 2011

Even though Facebook and Twitter have grown in popularity as communication tools, online marketers still regard email marketing to be an important tool. The reason email is so efficient is because most people use it daily, so leveraging your emails can give you a way to increase your sales and your profits. You also get the chance to forge a good relationship between you and your subscribers. However, if those emails aren’t reaching their destination, all your work will be for nothing, so you’ll need to address this issue. This article will look at some options to help you improve your rate of email deliverability. There are new service launches happening all the time for example Click n Bank, and nearly all of them will benefit from Email marketing.

Do not forward emails with attachments because they are associated with having viruses. Also, because they are large in nature, some email attachments will come back from your subscribers as being undelivered. If you have to send anything to your subscribers that you want them to download, upload the file to your website. Then send them a link to download via an email. If you have been noticing, the best way to send a file is via a link. This is a safer method for sending the file you wanted to send. Also, it makes your deliverability rate go up more. There are some trigger words you should avoid, such as cash, money, free, etc. Spam filters will catch emails that contain words like these, no matter whether they’re in the subject line or in the body of the mail. If you must use words like these, try to find alternatives instead. For example, instead of using “free” use “no cost”. Each word you use in your emails is scanned by email service providers so they can attempt to block as much spam as possible. While you can’t control those filters, you do have control over your marketing campaign. Take some time to consider your approach because the success of your email marketing campaigns could depend on it. There are new product launches happening all the time for example Click n Bank, and nearly them all will take advantage of Email marketing.

Avoid using a lot of graphics because they are typically blocked and make email slow anyhow. If you absolutely must use them, use them wisely. If you want to avoid being deleted without consideration avoid using too many graphics. In summary, from the above article we come to understand what it takes to be a legitimate email marketer and fight the spam filters. It is only common sense and not that difficult for you to utilize these suggestions when you develop your email marketing campaign. When your subscribers begin to get your emails on a regular basis without their being blocked, your response rate will go up. Then, you will be able to use your email marketing campaign more to your advantage.

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