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Twitter Marketing Tips – Secrets of Driving Tons of Traffic to Your Website

by Gail Richardson on February 17, 2011

Are you ready to learn how to use some powerful Twitter marketing methods. If you ever wanted to brand yourself or your product then Twitter is the tool to consider. Twitter is an extremely large community so that gives you the opportunity to reach many thousands of people, surprisingly many marketers don’t use Twitter nearly as effective as they could. Because of all the other people fighting for attention, you have to establish a base of loyal followers to get things rolling. Twitter marketing is more than just sending Tweets with affiliate links in it, the correct way is to position your name and brand in a way that gets more visitors and leads into your business. Don’t underestimate the power of Twitter, everyone isn’t using it for nothing. Send a Tweet and reach thousands of people all, at the same time. Next, I’m going to introduce you to a few techniques that actually work.

If you are in the guitar niche, then make sure you setup a Twitter account and tweet about tips on learning to play guitar. A Twitter tip that goes a long way is to be consistent in your efforts. Twitter marketing isn’t an end in itself, instead it should be integrated into the bigger picture to get more traffic into your business. Everyday you will have a checklist of tasks to complete that will all benefit your business growth. A fast way to make your followers hit the un-follow button is to be inconsistent. There is no quick fix formula for traffic here. With a clear goal, the right methods, and some consistency; you will get thousands of extra targeted visitors. Selling a product like Magic Submitter requires more discretion.  However a good Dropbox review tweet will work better since it’s actually free. 

If you take the time to help people and share in demand information, you will quickly rise above the crowd. The key is to participate, and help others solve their problems before you try to make money from them. When you take this approach, you automatically bypass people’s suspicions and become someone that they will spend their money with because they trust your advice.

Unfortunately, Twitter is a tool that spammers like to take advantage of. Spamming Twitter is the fastest way to get banned, and why waste your time when you can make a hundred times more money by building real relationships. People are now smarter than ever and will recognize you cloaked links for what they are, or you messages that don’t quite fit into the conversation because they are automated. Focusing on positioning yourself as an expert that delivers quality information, you will rise above the crowd that doesn’t offer any value. This is where you lose the trust and eventually get banned from the site.

No joke, effective Twitter marketing can literally change your life. Twitter has all the followers you need, you just have to learn to talk to them. Don’t try to spam the system in way, even indirectly.

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