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List Building Techniques – Exactly What You Definitely Need To Understand

by Gail Richardson on February 5, 2011

When it comes to effective list building techniques there are several things that you need to realize before you begin your own optin email list. Let’s quickly discuss some of them.

- You should always tell people that they can register or unsubscribe whenever they want. Make sure you tell them that their information is safe and that you will never rent, sell or share their e mail address with anybody.

- Ensure that you let your subscribers know just what you’ll be sending them. It is important that you ask people permission to send them marketing email after they join your subscriber list so as to decrease your risk of being suspected of emailing SPAM.

- You should be straightforward about how people can actually benefit from subscribing and how frequently you’ll contact them. Make sure they know just what exactly they will be getting.

- Never fail to contact new members as quickly as you can. Greet them with notes and tell them what to look for. A good autoresponder service will help you do this automatically.

- One of the most important list building techniques is to make it easy to sign up by having a highly obvious subscription form or website link on the important pages of your web site. Joining should take as little time as possible and do not ask for too much information right away. A email address and name is normally all you need to get started.

- Once someone subscribes, then you can definitely collect additional information. For example, you might want to know their company name, industry, or specific location. You can do this by just including a survey as part of your emails to determine interests. It is important to know where individuals are coming from so that you can make corrections in your communications or advertising campaigns.

- When you generate an e-mail, put yourself in the audience’s shoes and ask, “So why shouldn’t I click the delete key right now?” Your audience didn’t sign up because they want to hear a sales pitch. They have a reason for wanting information from you. Maybe it’s to save time, money, or energy, or to greatly improve efficiency and success.

- Your email messages must be compelling enough to convince people to join, helpful enough to keep them eager for even more, and also valuable enough to pass on.

When it comes to list building techniques, make sure you give something of value to your readers. Remember that a good optin list is the foundation of almost all successful internet businesses, so be sure to build yours the correct way.

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