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You Can Hire a List Building Services Company to Build You a List

by Gail Richardson on March 5, 2013

Hire a List Building Services Company to Build You a List


Any list building services company would employ proven techniques for building a list. When you choose such a service, you have to be presented the facts of the matter. Statistics and data is a good way to gauge the quality of a list building service company.
The following are some proven techniques to build your email list. When you are in discussion with a list building company, you should ask them if they have these techniques.

Incentive on Sign Up

Visitors love to be handed freebies and goodies on initial signup. Although there are many pros and cons of incentives, there are more advantages to it. List building services need to provide the right incentives. Free informational products are appreciated by visitors. These informational products should be well-researched and well-presented.
Include lots of variety at the signup page. For instance, including testimonials is a good technique. The testimonial image can be dynamic. Meaning, each testimonial stays on the page for about 15 seconds, before another testimonial comes up.

Incentive to Stay

Now comes the next real question. Why should a visitor stay subscribed to your email newsletter? Many list building services often do not have a definitive answer to this. Therefore, ask the list building company this question.
One of the ways to make subscribers stay subscribed is offering them valuable information every time. Consistency is the key. The more consistent you are, the more you can expect loyalty from your visitors.

Some of the other ways to keep your visitors interested in your next email newsletter issue is:

• Ask a question. Promise to answer in the next issue of the newsletter.

• Provide a list of information content that you will include in the upcoming releases of your newsletter. This helps your visitors know what they can expect.

• Include sales content and promotional offers. Let this be as per the demographics.

Social Media

Use the power of social media platforms to build email lists. Ask your list building services company if they use social media. There are many strategies to help visitors come to your landing page. You can enable them to share links on popular social media sites such as Facebook. You can include a Tweet link to help them tweet about the post and so on.

Writing and Circulating Articles

If you can write informative articles as a guest editor, then you have a chance of establishing credibility to your newsletter service. Approach blogs and websites for an opportunity. Request them to help you with a chance to write a guest post for free. Tell them that you want to include a link to subscribe to your newsletter.

Blog Comments

Visit forums and provide comments to blogs. There are many people with multiple questions. They are looking for answers. This is the perfect opportunity for you to answer their questions and also include a link to your website or newsletter subscription service.
This technique has come about in the recent past. Ensure that you communicate this method to your list building services company.

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