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Top List Building Secrets That Every Email Marketer Should Know

by Gail Richardson on March 5, 2013

Top List Building Secrets That Every Email Marketer Should Know


List building secrets are essentially open secrets. You must be patient when building a list. You have to understand that building a list takes time and effort. Rome was not built in a day. Similarly, building a list is not a matter of few days.
Perseverance pays. When starting out to build lists, you have to persevere. Finally, your handful of email IDs spans into reams and reams of email IDs. That could be the WOW! moment you had been waiting for. And yes, all of that is possible with some simple list building secrets.

A newsletter is a Sincere Medium for Communication and List Building

A well-crafted newsletter is all it takes to build a list. Although it could sound simple to you, crafting a newsletter is a science and art. A newsletter is essentially a way to communicate about your business. Yes, it is very important to create newsletters. And unlike what you thought, there are plenty of people who read them.
Include simple, readable, and helpful information in the newsletter. This is one of the great list building secrets that any SEO consultant would tell you. Provide well-researched and useful information. Provide news that your readers can use.

Co-promote Products

Enter a barter system with other businesses having newsletters promoting their products and services. Offer to promote their products on your newsletter. Ask them to do the same to your product and service. This way you build a wider network. There could be people interested in you from all corners of the world.

Don’t restrict yourself to one business. Identify as many as possible. Spend a considerable amount of time understanding their credibility. Are they trustworthy? Are they spammers? Do they sell spurious stuff? Remember that information on your product and service is piggy-backing on their newsletter.

Make Subscribing to your Newsletter a Simple Process

One of the great list building secrets is to keep things simple. This implies that every aspect of your list building endeavor should be simple and straightforward. This includes the way you engage your prospective subscribers to subscribe to your newsletter. Let it be a simple process. Ask minimal and important information from them. Cut out the fluff.

When you request your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter, give them a compelling reason to do so. This depends on how you position the salability of your newsletter. Again, you cannot promise something that is non-existent.

Allows Users to Share your Content

Give your users an open ticket to start using your content on their website. Copyright your content. This prevents your content from being modified. Users will love the fact that they can print ready made content on their website. This is all the more reason for them to subscribe to your newsletter.

Monetize your Content

Convert your content into whitepapers, brochures and other such collateral. Distribute your content on PDF networks. Put your content up for sale. Include a back link within your content to your website. This helps you increase the popularity of your website.

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