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List Building Tips That Should Be Part of Any List Building Course

by Gail Richardson on March 5, 2013

List Building Tips That Should Be Part of Any List Building Course


You don’t need to take a list building course to get started in list building. This is all about common sense. First of all, you have to understand why you want to build an email list. You have to truly understand the power of an email list.
Many beginners take to list building without the full conviction of it being a potent email marketing tool. The following are some questions to help you understand the genesis behind this email marketing technique.
Why an email list?

No list building course will truly help you understand the span, reach, and potency of an email list. To simply put, an email list is a good way to keep track of your current customers. It also helps you get new customers.
Email marketing by way of email lists helps you nurture relationships with existing customers. It is a passive form of client relationship management. By way of good feedback response mechanism, you can understand what they truly want and try to work better in this regard.
What is the role of an email list in the era of social media?

This is another topic that has to be covered by every list building course. More than social media, an email list is a much more reliable and personable way to maintain relationships with existing and prospective customers.
For instance, assume you tweeted a post on Twitter. There is no way to find out if your customers are online to read the post. Assume one of your customers is following many people. So you cannot say for sure that this person will follow you religiously. Your post could get lost in lots of posts.
Likewise, assume you posted something on Facebook. You are expecting prospects or existing customers to read. But what if some of them don’t use Facebook much? Research indicates that people check their emails more times than they check their social media accounts.
Also, Facebook posts are linearly displayed on the screen. When more posts come, your post could have been buried deep into the post line. If users don’t scroll down, your post can never be seen. Such techniques are discussed in list building course material, and how they can be overcome.
Email marketing tips

Once you have built a list, next would be to use the email list to send newsletters. This is always a challenge. You now have the email IDs, but getting users to read your content is challenging.

• Write fewer words that have more information.
• Include a lot of headings. Use illustrations only when it matters. Communicate more using fewer words.
• Don’t write culture-centric information. Maintain a neutral tone. For instance, do not try to be humorous as humor could be perceived in different ways by different cultures. However, if you already know your audience, this should not be a problem.
• Try to segment your list. Instead of mass mailing every email ID, try to understand which email IDs need what type of content. Continue to segment and send relevant content to them.


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