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Characteristics of Solo Ads That Pull

by Gail Richardson on February 25, 2013

Characteristics of Solo Ads That Pull


Advertising is very important in the business world today. That fact cannot be denied. People today see advertisements everywhere. Because of the proliferation of advertisements, it has become necessary that companies make advertisements that are effective. This includes solo ads that pull people towards the business. What are the various characteristics of solo ads that pull?

1) Clear – Solo ads that pull should be clear in what they are advertising. It should tell the people exactly what business to support. Solo ads that pull are always clear enough to achieve a certain objective and that is to introduce a person to the business. Solo ads that pull should not pull on the wrong direction. Even if the message is delivered through a diversion of topics, the final message should always be clear.

2) Concise – The solo ad that pulls is always concise in its delivery of the message. It should not bore the observer with minute details that have nothing to do whatsoever with what’s being advertised. It should immediately come out and be brief with delivering its message. Have you ever observed that effective television commercials only actually last for a few seconds? Have you also noticed the fact that the most effective print advertisements only take a few words to deliver the point? Conciseness is the key to pulling people.

3) Memorable – The main object of a solo ad is to introduce the business to the mind of the person. Solo ads that pull always make use of a mnemonic device. This is a certain method used in order to keep a product within the memory of a person.

Some make use of jingles, others use color associations and various other techniques in order to achieve the effect of keeping a business in the mind of a person. This is the reason why companies make use of mascots. People today immediately associate the red-headed clown with McDonald’s. A solo ad that pulls should make use of a method that allows people to retain the business within their heads.

This is the reason why many television advertisements always make use of a certain product’s name a number of times. The common law of building a solo ad that pulls is to mention the product no less than five times. It is also essential that the product or business being advertised should be mentioned in the first part of the advertisement and the last part. This helps people retain it in their memories.

4) Eye-catching – This is the most essential quality of a solo ad that pulls. It introduces all of the other qualities of the solo ad that pulls. It is what actually does the pulling.

What does it pull? It pulls the attention of the observer to take a closer look at the ad. Some companies do this by appealing to the natural instincts of man. This can be seen through the use of sex in various ads today. People attempt to shock people into taking a closer look at their advertisements. A solo ad that pulls can use any means necessary to grab the attention of the observers. Then the ad can work its magic.

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