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Learn How To Build A list Using Solo Ads

by Gail Richardson on February 22, 2013

Learn How To Build A list Using Solo Ads


There are many ways to build your list using both free and paid for methods of advertising. If you are just getting started trying to build a list, you may not have as many options for things such as Ad Swaps that can require you to have at least 500 subscribers to get started. While giveaways are also great for building a list fast, new beginners may find themselves overwhelmed with the process.

What Is A  Solo Ad?

Solo Ads are messages that you can pay to have sent out to internet marketers who have a large list already. These marketers have agreed to share their list with you for a fee. You can sign up at a service that already has these marketers ready to respond or you can find them individually on places like the Warrior forum, Digital Point, or other popular forums. You will need to do some research to find out what the going rates are for each solo ad so you can make the best choices. If you are unsure of whom to go with, you could also ask around in the forums for other people’s testimonials.

What Options Do You Have for Purchase?

Depending on the service or marketer you end up going with, you will probably find that you have a couple choices for payment. You could choose to go with the fixed price per so many clicks, or the performance based charge which can be calculated by pay per click, pay per open or pay per sale or conversion/subscription.
If you are new to the game of sending out solo ads, you should probably stick with the fixed price option and see how that works for you. You do not want to be wasting any clicks when you are paying for the ad
Tracking and Tweaking Are the Key to Success
Like with all marketing, you need to test out various ad copy and sales pitches to see which ones convert better. While this will cost money to do, once you have come up with a winner, you will be able to concentrate on that specifically and get your money back. Once you have built your list up to over 500, you can then save your money and start joining things like

Giveaways or Ad Swaps by using your own list as barter.
Tracking your clicks is very important. You cannot solely rely on the word of the list owner for the results. You will want to do some analysis of your stats and this cannot be done with the information you will receive from the list owner. is a popular and affordable ad tracking service that will allow you to keep track of what you need to know, try out new campaigns, test whether shorter or longer version sales pitches get you more conversions, when the best day of the week is to garner the best responses, and more.
Once you have learned how to craft your sales pitch or learn what type of offer on your squeeze page works best, you will be well equipped to make every dollar you spend on Solo Ads pay off and you can watch in delight as your list begins to grow.

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