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How To Build A list Using Giveaway Events

by Gail Richardson on February 22, 2013

How To Build A list Using Giveaway Events


Are you struggling with ways to grow your list but it just doesn’t seem to be happening for you? List Building is an ongoing thing that can take years before you build up a good responsive list you can make money from month in and month out. By utilizing certain services and programs that are available to you though like Giveaway events, you can have some fun and watch your list grow like wildfire.
So, what is a giveaway event?
A giveaway event is where several internet marketers band together to market one promotion in which they all have submitted a free offer and would like to build their email lists. Some marketers have solely used this method for years and have built up thousands of subscribers over time and swear that it is the only way to go. While using various methods of marketing is best to build your list, giveaways are certainly one of the most fun and quickest ways to build your list.
How does a Giveaway Event work?
When you sign up to be a contributor, you will need to enter in the urls where your squeeze page is located as well as the image for your free offer. This can be a free report, an e-course, a video course or even free membership into a club. Most giveaways are done by internet marketers in the make money niche but if you are in another niche you may still find a giveaway that works for you.
You will need to have a list set up through an autoresponder service such as Aweber. You will then take the pre-made code for your list and put it into your squeeze page source code. An autoresponder costs on average about $20 a month and you can set up numerous lists that will hold thousands of subscribers which is more than enough to make a full time income from.
Once your free offer is listed in the giveaway, you will need to help promote the event. Many giveaway events will not let you stay in the event and receive sign ups if you do not do your share of promoting and receive at least one sign up under you.
How Do You Promote the Event?
Well much like you would promote your own squeeze page. You are usually given promotional banners by the host of the event and you can post them on your social media pages, in traffic exchanges, on your blog, in your email signatures and forum signatures, and in author bio boxes when doing article marketing. You could also do a video and direct your viewers to the event. There are many ways to promote and the more creative you are and the wider you spread your net, the better your response will.

List Building is the life blood of many online businesses. Using opportunities such as Giveaway events can really give your list building efforts the boost it needs. If you cannot promote very well or are afraid you won’t do well, you can pay anywhere from $10-$50 for a paid membership for each giveaway you enter and then you are still guaranteed to have a chance to build your list without worry.

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