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How To Build A list By Using Adswap

by Gail Richardson on February 22, 2013

How To Build A list By Using Adswap


Building a list can be a daunting task for any internet marketer. The only difference between successful list builders and non-successful is how they go about growing their business. If you have been building your list for a while, you should be able to separate your paid subscribers from those who have not purchased anything from you yet. In this article we will share how you can build your list using as swaps and the key to making more money faster.
Growing your list to the first 500 or 1000 subscribers can often be the biggest task because you are pretty much on your own and spending a lot of time testing and tweaking various methods of advertising. You could find that some places you advertise to respond well to an optin box on your blog, such as forums, guest blogging, and article marketing but then you could find that places like YouTube, social media platforms, and even free giveaway events have excellent results with a squeeze page only.
All of this testing and tracking is necessary when growing your list. Once you have amounted 500 or more subscribers you can start participating in ad swaps. Ad swaps are where you contact other internet marketers who have at least 500 subscribers as well and send an email to their list to try to acquire more subscribers or sales for your business. If you can find some good joint ventures that allow you to use them on a regular basis to email to the new subscribers, you can find yourself gaining quite quickly. If you do have subscribers in your list that are customers as well, you may want to segregate them into their own list and just use the list of non-customers for the ad swaps. In this way, you protect your customer list and there is still enough for the other internet marketers to work with to build their own lists. If they are offering something different, it is entirely plausible that they will gain subscribers themselves who could become customers down the road.
As it can take a lot of your precious time to search out and contact other internet marketers who may want to joint venture with you, using the help of services like or even going to huge successful forums like the warrior forum can save you a lot of disappointment. If you are not in the internet marketing niche though, you may find that places such as or even posting ads on in various online classifieds or going the social media route may be the best way for you to keep building your list. Once you start testing and tweaking your ads and recruitment places, you will see what places seem to work the best and you can concentrate more time on those areas.

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