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How To Build A list Using Free Methods

by Gail Richardson on February 22, 2013

How To Build A list Using Free Methods


When you are first starting to build your list online, you may find that you do not have any spare cash for acquiring subscribers. While many people do like to purchase subscribers through various methods such as co-registration or pay per subscribers (such as used in CPA affiliate networks) because it is faster to grow your list and start making money, there are ways that you can build your list for free and not waste too much time.
Signing up for Free List Building  Services
There are many services online today that offer this option. Most of these have both a free and paid for service. In order to be able to use these services like Trade-A-List, List Building Maximizer and List Joe, you need to trade your time for money. You read through other people’s messages and sign up to the lists you find offer things you could use. After so many messages you read, you receive so many people reading your message.
While this can be quite time consuming, those who are spending some time concentrating on purely building their lists can build quite a list over time if they use a few of these services at a time. This type of method does not work for all niches though as it is mostly internet marketers who are involved with these services.
Create Videos
There are numerous sites that allow you to share your videos. While YouTube is the number one go to place, plenty of traffic can also be acquired from the other ones. When you set up your account at these places, you add your link to your site or squeeze page where they can sign up for your free offer. In the video you create, you discuss how your free offer can help those in your niche and encourage them to click on the link to sign up. Viral marketing is the way to get the word out these days and with the ability for others to take your videos or articles or reports and pass them along for even more people to see and join your list.
Guest Blogging
This is also becoming a popular way to for how to build your list for free. Once you have contacted a website owner who has a blog in your niche and received permission to post an article on their site, you would then leave an author’s bio box at the bottom of the article where you would once again leave information about your email list and leave the link for them to click.
Social Media
Everyone loves to go on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other popular social media sites to reach out and meet new people. You can create a professional page or profile for each site with special offers and links back to your squeeze page or site where your opt in box is sitting.

Free Giveaways

This is where you join with a bunch of other internet marketers who are hosting a giveaway and put in your own offer. You then go and promote the giveaway and get people to sign up for free gifts. Depending on the type of giveaway and the free offers, you could find yourself receiving hundreds of sign ups in only a week or two. The problem with this type of method is that many of these people will sign up and get their free gift and then unsubscribe from your list. Others will stay on for a while but never buy anything from you and yet some may still. Once you have used this method for a year or more and built your list up to around 2,000 subscribers, you can then join sites like where you can send your emails to someone else’s list. This gives you a chance to get new sign ups and maybe make a sale or two along the way.

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