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Uncovered Secrets To Building a Buyers List

by Gail Richardson on February 22, 2013

Uncovered Secrets To Building a Buyers List


While we would all love to learn the secret to creating a huge list over-night, sometimes it isn’t about the size of the list but the quality of the subscriber. If you have a list of 10,000 subscribers who have never bought anything off you or a list of 2000 where over 200 have bought at least one thing, you know which list you would rather have and pay attention to. In this article we will discuss how to build your list fast and where to get the best subscribers who will turn into paying customers.
If you are just starting out building your list, you may find that you have to either pay for solo ads or spend a lot of time at list building sites or forums; once your list begins to grow, your options open up. Once you have 300-500 subscribers on your list, you can join giveaway events with other internet marketers. While some of these events don’t require you to have a list at all (you can just pay to participate), many do since the majority of the marketers themselves have spent months or years cultivating their lists. Ad Swaps are also something that will build your list fast once you have 500 base subscribers.
It takes most marketers years to grow their list into thousands of subscribers and most do not find they start making any money until they have at least 2000 subscribers. By treating your subscribers properly, not spamming them constantly with useless junk, and reminding them of how you can help them, the more they will enjoy being on your list and stick with you. If you ask, they too may also pass your information along for their friends and family to sign up to your list.
Pay Per Click Advertising does cost money and you can lose a lot of money if you do not do some studying first. You will be targeting keywords and paying for each click. You may have to try many different advertisements out to see which ones have better response rates as well as you may want to try different mediums for advertising such as Facebook or Bidvertiser. They seem to be a little bit cheaper than Google but still receive enough traffic to be worth your time. If you have an advertising budget and really want to build your list fast, this is one of the best ways. You can also sign up for a site like and be able to track all your ads and see which ones are doing what and where. This service has both a paid and free membership that is affordable. This site is also full of tutorials and easy to navigate pages for those who are just getting started and don’t want to feel overwhelmed.
The more your list starts to build, the easier it will seem for you to make it grow more and more with ease. Other internet marketers will want to be your partner with no hesitation and this could also help you expand your business and take it to the next level. In a matter of time, you will soon be able to make a living from your list alone.

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