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Understanding The Basics Of How To Build A List

by Gail Richardson on February 22, 2013

Understanding The Basics Of How To Build A List


When you start to build an email list, you must maintain contact on a regular basis with fresh content that your subscribers will want to open and read and hopefully click through to your blog or promotion.
While email marketing is great way to earn an income online, you must maintain a quality relationship with your list by taking care of it and not wasting your subscriber’s time with un-necessary fluff or content within each message.
One of the best ways you can ensure that you always send quality to your email list is by asking them personally what it is that they would like to know or learn or receive from you. You can then research any questions you do not know so you can provide a beneficial and educational response they will appreciate.
If you take the time to craft your own email messages instead of just trying to use the cut and paste pre-made ones so many product owners give their affiliates, your subscribers will be able to tell the difference and not feel like you are just trying to throw a product down their throat to make money. If you truly recommend products that you like and have tried and share how you think they would help your subscriber personally, you will find that your commissions or sales are so much greater and your opt out rates are low.
If you connect with your list and share some personal things about your own life and business as well as provide useful tidbits of information they can benefit from, this will allow your subscribers to see you as a person and trust you more. If you stand by the rule of providing quality content for 80% of the time and only try to sell for 20% of the emails, you may find that you can make enough income to live off once your email starts to grow into the thousands.
If you set up your blog to be broadcast to your list when you post on it, this will enable you to provide quality content every week without having to create new messages specifically for your list. You can take the time to research a new topic in your niche and let your subscribers know why you decided to look into that topic for the week.
Just like you should always take the time to send quality content to your list, you should also take care as to where you grow your list from. Never pay for a list! Most of those places collect email addresses through single opt in sources and not double opt in so once you contact them they will not be interested and you will have wasted your money. Take the time to reach the right target market, treat them well, provide quality content through personally written emails or blog posts, and remind them that you care about them as people and not just an address on your list. This is the best way to grow your business and find the success and financial security you so desire.

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