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What Is A Solo Ad And Are They An Effective Marketing Plan

by Gail Richardson on January 10, 2013

What is a solo ad…


and is it still a truly effective approach to market your website or affiliate products. what is a solo adYou might use solo ads to perform many steps and tasks to produce  excitement on your website, build immediate name reputation, and generate a huge avalanche of site visitors .

In fact, solo ads tend to be as effective as other forms of paid traffic to promote your website. Generally, solo ads will generate a faster response to your website as compared to creating and circulating articles or blog posts. Mainly due to the fact solo ads are an immediate delivery when articles or blog posts may take some time  .

For best results with your solo ad it should always be powerful. A poor solo ad basically won’t get the job done. A money-making solo ad will be one which:

• happens to be relevant to a particular market,
• should get many people to read ,
• generates  enthusiasm with the readers,
• instills a strong mental reaction to take some action.

How can you accomplish that? After creating a huge number of solo ads for numerous customers in many countries, I have became aware what it requires not just to compose a good solo ad, but also one which will produce a desirable result.


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