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What Is a Solo Ad

by Gail Richardson on January 9, 2013

What Is A Solo Ad



In super simple lingo, a “Solo Ad” is where an individual (usually) pays a person to mail His or her email list, on an individual’s behalf, having a recommendation along with a  link to their free optin offer lead capture page.

What is a solo ad compared to an ad swap

An “Ad Swap” is the similar concept only two individuals do it as a swap with one another that can help one another out. (If a person has a much bigger list compared to other, usually the one with the small list might need to mail a second time, to send a reasonable sum of traffic.)

They  are typically  the same, with the exception that the first is having to pay for the exchange and the other is a trade.

This particular type of marketing uses the  benefit of a relationship a online marketer has with their email list… in which his or her list (knows, likes and trusts) them… to obtain  optins for that other individual.

This is often an extremely effective way of building a list however, there are a number of specifics which go into precisely how good the final results will be. Hope that answers your question of …What Is a Solo ad


Gail J Richardson


Gail J Richardson

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