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How to Build Your List With a Squeeze Page

by Gail Richardson on December 14, 2012

How to build your list with a squeeze page

You will find numerous ways that you can build your list and one of the best ways is through building your list with a squeeze page.            Example Squeeze Page

A squeeze page is a simply a website page that discusses what you have to offer and how all your subscribers can benefit from signing up to your list. You can create a simple page with a  message and an opt-in box or you can create a video squeeze page where  talk personally to your audience and allow them to feel more like they can trust you. It all depends on your technical ability, your vision and what you feel will work for your niche as each one can produce different results.

Services to Help You Build Your Squeeze Page
Not everyone is technically inclined. Not everyone even has the time to fiddle around with making their own squeeze page. For those who fit into this category, there are services such as Robert Puddy’s Instant Squeeze Page Generator that will have you up and online in no time. Don’t have your own hosting? No worries, you can host it right from the membership site. There is both a free and paid membership on this site. You also are given access to products you can give away if you are just starting out and don’t have anything to offer your subscribers to get them to sign up. Paid members will have more choice in what they can pick to use though so it is often worth the upgrade. Using the hosting from this type of service also may help you get extra traffic although you will need to be doing your own promotions through free and paid methods.

You Can Buy Pre-Made Templates To Use
If you are a little techie and can understand how to unzip files and upload them to your own server, and perhaps do a little personal tweaking of your own in the coding, you can join memberships where you can purchase pre-made templates. You can add your own videos to some of them or simply just have to add your aweber optin box in the right place. These are a great time saver for those busy marketers and will then just leave you time to market and find those new subscribers.

Build Your Own Template with Alley Code HTML Editor
There are several free html editors you can find to install on your computer. Alley Code is one that is simple to install yet has all you need for creating your own pages. You can choose between a few different language formats (php, html, java script, etc.)  or depending on your knowledge and skill, you can mix it up. If you have yet to learn html, you can find free courses online and teach yourself at your own pace. Being able to tweak pages in html can allow you to earn more money because you will not have to pay someone to create any pages for you. You are also able to do more with your page outlook and to make it as unique as possible.
A squeeze page is an excellent way to build your list. While it still requires a ton of promotion regardless of what method you use, you may find the time you can save using the pre-made options will allow you to grow your list at a faster rate.







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