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How to find your perfect niche

by Gail Richardson on August 27, 2009

"pets" huge niche"dogs" big niche" little dogs" smallerniche

"pets" huge niche "dogs" big niche" "little dogs" smaller niche

I hope you are beginning to understand the concept of a smaller niche. We will talk more on this latter.That said…

How to Find Your Perfect Niche

In the world of niche marketing, the possibilities are endless when it comes to finding a niche that’s right for you. In this article, I’ll be sharing with you some tips to help you find a niche you’ll love. After all, if you love what you do it’s easier to stay focused and continue to promote and profit from for years to come.
Time to Dump Your Thoughts – Let’s Brainstorm!

The first step you need to take in order to find your perfect niche is to sit down and brainstorm. With a piece of paper in hand or on your computer, start writing down everything you love to do or things you’re passionate about. To get the wheels spinning, I’m going to give you some ideas that may hit home or spark an idea of your own. Look around the room you are in and I bet you can come up with something for your niche. You may have heard that do what you love and the money will follow……I think that needs to be revised and my friend Lynn Terry says it better than anyone that I know......Pursue Passion or Profit?

·    Babies
·    Golfing
·    Cooking
·    Parenting
·    Reading
·    Scrapebooking
·    Drawing
·    Writing
·    Volleyball
·    Horseshoeing
·    Nursing
·    Make-Up
As you can probably see, the possibilities are endless. So, from this list, I’m going to teach you how to find a niche that’s right for you.
Continuing with the brainstorming, I’m going to choose make-up as my passion; this is just an example, but it will show you how to break down your passion into a niche that’s ideal for you.
Sub-Nicheing for Greater Results
Make-up is obviously a very large niche so instead of focusing on one big item – let’s niche down.  Here are some possible smaller niches that fall within the make-up niche:
·    Make-up for actors and actresses
·    Make-up for your eyes only
·    Halloween make-up
·    Make-up for the acne prone
·    Make-up as you age
·    Make-up for teens
·    Make-up for darker complexions
·    Make-up for red-heads

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