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Optinskin Plugin Review

by Gail Richardson on May 4, 2012

Optinskin Plugin Review


Alright, so what do I personally like in regards to the Optinshin plugin?

  • Buyers can easily use it with all the main email providers. I prefer Aweber with regard to my own newsletter monthly subscription providers.
  • You can create your own personal skin, or use outsourcing   of your personal skin and add those to the plugin
  • The product lets you shut off additional social sharing plug-ins you might use, helping to make your webpage loading time a bit better
  • You could have it towards the bottom of your post, widgetised in the sidebar, beside a post and you may have it fade in after the pre-determined period (I’ve fixed mine to two seconds)
  • You are able to run split tests
  • You might have a number of skins for various purposes (sociable sharing compared to. listing subscriptions)
  • The product will give you statistics for each and every  skins you choose
  • It’s amazingly simple to use, especially with regard to a non-techie like me

And then as with any review needs to be I even have several things I don’t like about the Optinskin plug-in.

  • There isn’t adequate details inside the members area
  • The default for your statistics is Thirty days and then  it states the holding regarding stats is “high” it doesn’t state exactly what high will be.
  • It’s not so user friendly with the raw version for Aweber forms for you to have the name along with the email, very essential for personalization
  • There isn’t  a developer license, nevertheless being honest should you be a designer you could create these kinds of things yourself anyhow.

The Optinskin plug-in will increase your readership much faster as compared to ever before by split-testing your opt-in form on your own website. Acquire more subscribers with the exact same visitors, simply with Optinskin. An exceptional product having massive conversions – Excellent for virtually any blogger.

I’m sure right now there will probably be doubters that will believe that I’ve done exactly the same, however the price for you finding the plug-in is identical, whether or not you choose my affiliate link or perhaps not. Either way I just wanted to let you know that the Optinskin link below is an affiliate link and that i do own the plugin myself and if you choose to buy through my affiliate link i will make a small commission.


OptinSkin Plugin


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