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Setting Up Your Own Website Has Never Been Easier

by Gail Richardson on February 16, 2010

Why Setting Up Your Own Website Has Never Been Easier

In the past few years, the ways websites are built has become infinitely easier for amateurs, or would-be professionals. No longer do you need to learn coding skills, which has put
a lot of otherwise-creative people off in the past.

“Content Management Systems” – such as Joomla, Drupal and WordPress – allow you to set up your site in almost no
time, through a simple online control panel. Just enter some basic information – such as your site name and description – choose one of thousands of themes, then add some text and images to your site. It really is
that simple.

Of course, getting your site built and online is just part of the puzzle. These systems are just tools, and you still need to understand
how to use images online, as well as ways to get visitors to come to your site, and understanding how you can earn some money from your sites.

So, it’s still worth your while taking a short course to get started – or else, you could spend months of
frustration. Not to mention the potential pitfalls you need to avoid, such as legal troubles, if you don’t understand what you are doing.

Many web design courses haven’t woken up to this new way of working. They still insist on spending most of the time teaching coding
skills, which paying little attention to the factors that will really make your
site a success. You end up spending weeks building a site that may look
fantastic, but no-one ever sees it.

There are some courses out there, including Become Your Own
, which teach this new way of working. This allows you to build your own websites in just a few minutes… without any coding. In addition, you’ll learn the other skills needed to start a successful website – visitors &

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