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Success in an Hour a Day Really?

by Gail Richardson on February 16, 2010

A lot of people spend hours and hours every week, trying to build their internet business model. I know that not too long ago I would spend more and more hours, simply because I knew there were things I DID NOT KNOW about online marketing. The conundrum however, is that everybody is trying to sell you something, but not really help you get what you need to build your business. After a while it’s hard to tell who is really there to help you or who just wants your money. I mean I have to admit it, I wouldn’t mind taking your money. However, I’d like to provide you with a means of obtaining the same thing that I’m striving daily to obtain myself, SUCCESS!

I think this is another reason why people spend so many hours online.They all find a good product and want to start promoting it, but are literally afraid to. “What if I can’t help them do what they need to do next?”, or “What if this product just looks great to me, but isn’t really as good as I think it is?”, “I can’t risk selling this to someone!” Such concerns are honest and legitimate concerns that we have all felt more than likely. Of course I wonder about some people. Some will do anything to sell you their “cool tools”, which are all useless without application to the confines a proper business model. People like that just don’t care about their own customers. So is there a way to put nagging concerns behind us and our dreams out in front of us.

This really is the one question which begs a satisfactory answer in order for any of us to even believe that success online is at all possible. I won’t sch-meal out speech about your aspirations; I know you have them and you don’t need me telling you to perform a litmus test on the level of stagnancy in the faculty of your own personal motivation. I find it insulting and I would never accept help from anyone who asked me to do such useless emotional inventories. I would just tell you straight out. The answer is YES! There is a way, but you gotta do less of the clicking on the mouse and more clicking on your keyboard. But before you do that, you need to know that it is not a waste of time to say something meaningful in order to draw people to your website. Will it SAVE time? YES! Will it generate MORE traffic? YES! Will I really spend one hour a week? YES! Anytime more will be for your personal agenda or recreation, as well as that of your family. Now you might be asking,”How is that possible?”. I’ll give you a little hint. CONTENT IS KING and what you have to say is far more valuable than you might think. What’s more, once your own content is circulating through all the viral crores of online format, it will be out there forever and will be read over and over.

Here’s the point. The aforementioned question is answered where the rubber meets the road. The real ‘niche’ is where people are being ‘fully’ informed. They really want to know if this is possible and would rather read an article from some-one like you or me, who have really built a business; someone who has jumped though that ring of fire and gotten burned doing it. They know that hind-sight is more valuable than blind-faith. Oh, did introduce myself? Blind Faith, nice to make your acquaintance. I only wish I were as smart as the millions who actually take the time read a short article for the purpose of obtaining the desired information they seek. There are a lot more of these people than we often think.

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