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Facebook Ad Power Review

by Gail Richardson on February 16, 2010

Facebook Ad power is the latest product from Ryan Deiss, a veteran internet marketer. This product was developed out his frustration of the limited sources that allow affiliate marketing.

Marketers will be relieved when they find out that Facebook serves over 39 billion impressions per month and the traffic is of high quality which you can buy per click at a reasonable price. The challenge with Facebook in the past has been getting ads approved and giving them what they want in terms of landing pages, which seems to change rapidly. In the beginning, while Facebook worked out the kinks it was not easy to navigate and get any consistent return on investment. It appears that the tide has changed and Facebook is embracing marketers and this frenzy now rivals what pay per click was 4 or 5 years ago.

I looked inside Facebook ad power and here is what I found:

Essentially, it is a shortcut that eliminates the trial and error you will normally go through when setting up a Facebook campaign. Ryan has taken the time to test Facebooks algorithm in terms of the ads they will accept and the formula you must have on your landing page for approved. I know from my results in the past year that I had ad after ad disapproved and I could never figure out why – until I learned to give them “exactly what they wanted.”

In addition to learning how to get your ads and landing pages approved fast, Ryan is offering a monthly question and answer session which makes learning all the ins and outs of Facebook advertising much easier. As well, Facebook is a fast paced, progressive company and the rules change often but when you are a member of Facebook ad power you will be kept abreast of any changes so you will know exactly how to tweak your campaigns for ultimate performance.

In conclusion, if you are an internet marketer that wants to get dirt cheap, demographically targeted users that respond to your offers, Facebook is definitely something you should pursue. And, with Facebook ad power you will get in the game faster and get the edge that every marketer needs.

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