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Affiliate Marketing Website – You Do Need to Do Some Work

by Gail Richardson on February 16, 2010

So you are looking at putting up your first affiliate marketing website. That is all good but you need to realize if you are a newbie there are better ways to get your start.

A website will be very important in your affiliate business but in all honesty it will take you a while to get things going.

Now, if you want to do it this way I say all the power to you. First thing is you need to get a domain name and hosting. Next thing you need to do is spend a bunch of time building the site. I mean writing content, uploading pictures and content.

You will have all sorts of thing that need to be uploaded. Oh ya and by the way do you know how to write HTML. Cant write content if you don’t know HTML.

Lets just say that all of this will take you at the best weeks and if you have no clue you will be looking at months.

So now you have what you think is a great affiliate marketing website. I am sorry to burst your bubble but it probably is great but even the nicest, best built site in the world means nothing if you don’t have traffic.

So now you just used up month and you still don’t have a stitch of traffic.

Well just think the months that you used could have been used for getting traffic to a ready made site.

That’s right you can get sites that are entirely ready to use. You fill out a short questionnaire and then you have a website already with your affiliate links in it and everything. In most cases you can have this site up and running in 2 hours or less.

I would say as a newbie that is what I would want to start with. After all a newbie has zero income coming in and the sooner they can start the better.

I do not want you to think just because the site is ready made that you will easily make money. Anything you do on line will always require hard work, effort and dedication.

The thing is with ready made sites you can jump to the front of the line and immediately start building traffic and links to your site. This is where the hard work comes in. Doesn’t matter who you are the traffic doesn’t just appear at the site.

So if you are a newbie who is willing to put in the time and effort at the start you may want to think of a ready made affiliate marketing website.

Dale has been an affiliate marketer for over 3 years now. He takes great pride in the fact that he is able to help newbies when the need arrives.

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