Thanks to Yixing Tea Sets and Travel Tea Set help us! GoToWebinar – 12 Essential Online Marketing Tools for 2012

GoToWebinar – 12 Essential Online Marketing Tools for 2012

by Gail Richardson on April 21, 2012 What is GoToWebinar? Reach your target audience quickly and affordably. Use the GoToWebinar self-service interface to plan, present, record and analyze unlimited Webinars with up to 1000 attendees each — all for one flat fee. Create and host your own professional Webinars from day one — no experience required Reach hundreds of people — right from your PC or Mac® Save with built-in VoIP and phone conferencing at no extra charge Includes GoToMeeting® for smaller meetings Why do I need GoToWebinar? GoToWebinar® features make it simple for you to set up, conduct and analyze Webinars yourself — no need to pay for additional event-management services. Increase your audience size while reducing your overall presentation costs with easy-to-use GoToWebinar. Make presentations in real time to hundreds of customers, prospects and employees — wherever they are. Plus, GoToWebinar comes with GoToMeeting, for smaller, more collaborative online meetings.

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