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Niche Affiliate Marketing

by Gail Richardson on August 25, 2009

What is niche affiliate marketing what are the ways to  make money with it? Niche marketing is often difficult to understand because it goes against the grain of what you may have been taught about making money  marketing products. Most people are under the assumption that the more people you can reach with your product , the better your chances of making a sale. In all actuality, this type of thinking wastes a lot of time and energy and rarely generates the return you’re hoping to achieve.You want to narrow your market down as specifically as possible to a small “niche” of potential customers.  Focus your efforts on getting them to buy. Why waste your time selling to those who have no interest in what you have to offer and therefore, have no intention of every purchasing from you? Find a smaller group pf people that have a true interest in what you have to offer.

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