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What Is Affiliate Marketing?

by Gail Richardson on January 20, 2012

What is affiliate marketing you ask?…Affiliate marketing online is actually a internet what is affiliate marketing marketing practice when a company rewards a number of affiliate marketers for every website visitor or customer as a result of the affiliate marketer’s individual marketing campaigns.

The marketplace offers four primary users: the reseller (also called ‘retailer’ and ‘brand’), the ‘network ‘ (which contains promotions to the online to select from and in addition manages the payments), the publisher (also called ‘the affiliate’), plus the consumer.

The marketplace is continuing to grow in complexness to merit the second level of contenders, which includes affiliate managing companies, super affiliates and specific 3rd party suppliers.

Affiliate marketing online overlaps with Internet marketing techniques to some extent, since affiliate marketers frequently employ standard advertising and marketing approaches. These techniques consist of organic SEO also known as search engine optimization , paid search  or PPC pay per click, email marketing, plus in some perception banner advertising. However, affiliate marketers occasionally make use of less traditional tactics, including writing bogus reviews of items or service provided by a partner.


Affiliate marketing online is frequently mistaken for referrer marketing, since the two kinds of marketing make use of third parties to be able to push product sales towards the merchant. Even so, both of them are unique types of marketing and advertising and the primary distinction between these is the fact that affiliate marketing online depends solely on monetary motivations to get sales when referral marketing depends on trust and individual associations to get sales.

Affiliate marketing online is often unnoticed by promoters. When search engines, e-mail, and web-site syndication grab a lot of the interest of internet retailers, affiliate marketing and advertising has significantly lower user profile. However, affiliate marketers still play a substantial part in e-retailers advertising tactics.

The method of revenue sharing commission payment regarding referred business pre dates affiliate marketing online plus the Internet. The interpretation in the revenue share concepts to well known e-commerce took place in November 1994, nearly four years following origination of the ” World Wide Web.” When you are ask now what is affiliate marketing you will know.


Gail J Richardson


What is affiliate marketing…

It’s a way of having a dream job that can keep you at home when you are not out living your dreams!

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