SEO..Search Engine Optimization..Do you know what it is?

by Gail Richardson on September 23, 2009

SEO. Do you know what that is? Well until lately I didn’t but it can play the biggest role in whether or not your online business is a success or not. You can build the best site in the world but if no one knows you exist then you will get no visitors= no money. I was reading a post on Selfstartersweeklytips by Lynn terry about SEO. She recommended a book called SEO Fast Start By Dan Thies. I read it and it was everything Lynn said it was ,if you ask her about SEO she will say read the book SEOFastStart by Dan Thies. Actually I have read it 3 times and every time I do I pick up on something I missed before.If you want to have a successful online business you must learn SEO so do yourself a favor and learn it right the first time from the best.

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